NJ Library Card - Wordless Wednesday

Little by little we're slowly settling into life in NJ

NJ Library Card

After a little back and forth about residency (and some begging that my son NEEDS to read books at home), my son finally received his library card. There's still some doubt about giving me one. The library system here is that serious. LOL

Does everyone in your family have a library card? Even you?

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  1. Oh my family has library problems. My kids both have library cards, but not me. I'm sure I'll get one eventually!

  2. Love the library1 I haven't been to one in awhile though since we usually get all of our books via amazon & the kindle these days!

  3. YAY! We don't get to the library often enough, but I do LOVE to go!

  4. We all have library cards but we don't use them enough.

  5. I used to love going to the library when I was little. My card was a sourse of pride.

  6. I hope you get it all settled soon and are able to get a card! I look forward to when my kid's are able to get their own cards.