My McDonald's Mighty Wings Klout Perk Review #MightyWings #KloutPerk

Recently McDonald's hosted an event with Victor Cruz for the launch of their Mighty Wings. Now while I was invited, I couldn't make it that day. So no meeting Victor Cruz or snacking on Mighty Wings for me. Until I received notice from Klout for a perk to try the Mighty Wings. Score

McDonald's Mighty Wings Klout Perk

Note: I received both Klout perks because of my Klout influence. No other compensation was received. Neither Klout or McDonald's required me to blog about the perks. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

After receiving my Klout Perk Archcard, I headed over to my local McDonald's and ordered my Mighty Wings. I even made sure to capture the moment with a selfie.

McDonald's Mighty Wings Klout Perk

Then I came home, opened the bag, made sure to take a few photos (cause that's what bloggers do) and then prepared for this taste test.

So now I should mention a few things before I tell you what I think about the McDonald's Mighty Wings.

First I really don't like to eat chicken wings. There's no reason besides it doesn't appeal to me. However from the commercial it seemed these Mighty Wings might be different.
Mighty Wings are bone-in, crispy chicken wings that deliver a spicy kick with every bite. The new tender, meaty bone-in chicken wings are sourced from McDonald’s trusted poultry suppliers and served in drummettes and wingettes. Wing lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy one of their favorite game day foods any time from mid-September through mid-November (limited time only) while supplies last.

A spicy kick with every bite? I was interested. So I tried. And didn't like. My reasons why?
  • I'm not a fan of fried foods and these were definitely fried. To the point of being extra crispy.
  • I'm still not a fan of chicken wings. These didn't change my mind.
  • They were spicy but not the kind of spicy seasoned I usually like. These seem more hot sauce spicy. Like BBQ spicy.

And so there you have it. My $.02. But this is just my opinion and I did admit I'm not a fan of chicken wings. However it seems I'm not with the majority since many people love chicken wings. Especially it seems in Hong Kong
Mighty Wings were inspired by larger size chicken wings from McDonald’s Hong Kong where customers enjoyed the big, bold flavor.

So if you'd like to taste test the Mighty Wings for yourself then the Mighty Wings are available in three portion sizes you can choose from (price and participation may vary):
  • Three piece – 290 calories; $2.99
  • Five piece – 480 calories; $4.79
  • Ten piece – 960 calories; $8.99

For more information about Mighty Wings promotion, visit

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  1. I tried them last week, I did not realize they were going to be spicy. For me they were too hot and I could not finish it. My friend said that they were not very hot so I guess it just depends on your tastes. I usually like wings-BBQ not the spicy kind.