Jazzercise Dance for Breast Cancer Prevention in October

October is a time when many "think pink" for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While exercise has long been proven as a means to ward-off breast cancer, a recent study also unveiled that fitness programs such as Jazzercise can strongly reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence in survivors.

Jazzercise Dance for Breast Cancer Prevention in October
(photo credit: PRNewsFoto/Jazzercise, Inc.)

According to researchers at The Breast Cancer Survivorship Center (BCSC) at the University of Kansas, breast cancer survivors can "move" their way into better health and decrease breast cancer risk at the same time.

From 2008 through 2010, the BCSC conducted a study testing the effects of the Jazzercise dance fitness program on breast cancer survivors. Half of the participants attended Jazzercise class for six months at a time. The study showed that the Jazzercise participants lost weight and improved their fitness levels significantly, which greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

Jazzercise partnered with Back in the Swing,® a grassroots nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to providing awareness, access and academic medical research in the field of breast cancer survivorship, to conduct the study.

Many Jazzercise instructors worldwide will be hosting fundraisers to support breast cancer awareness in the month of October. To learn more, visit - www.jazzercise.com

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