iriverON Fitness Bluetooth Headset monitors workout data in real-time

Are you starting a workout routnine this Fall? Then you'll be interested in the iriver ON, the world's first smart exercise headset. Now you do not need multiple products while you work out. The the iriver ON is a revolutionary Bluetooth headset that continuously monitors real-time heart rate, physical location and workout data via a sensor in the earbud... all while you listen to music.

iriverON Smart Fitness Monitoring Bluetooth Headset

"The ON sets a new standard in fitness and entertainment; in fact, it creates its own category by blending them together," says Henry Park, CEO of iriver. "Now instead of gearing up with a body full of inconvenient monitoring devices to get all this real time data, a sleek headset replaces them all, and incorporating Valencell’s PerformTek sensor technology, betters them all in accuracy and performance.

Along with great music listening and convenient control features, the ON gives you state-of-the-art physiological feedback and an app that actively assists with your workout. It's like having a personal trainer on your smartphone."

State-of-The-Art Fitness Data Gathering
The iriver ON is the first headset that is powered by PerformTek® Precision Biometrics, which accurately measures biometrics by analysing blood flow and physical activity from a sensor module in the earbud. With over 30 patents and patents pending, PerformTek® is the only earbud-based continuous heart rate monitoring technology that's been proven accurate during virtually any exercise, in virtually any physical environment or condition.

An App That's A Personal Trainer
The iriver ON® Smartphone App tracks progress for running, hiking, cycling and other activities, measuring distance and time, and tracking continuous heart rate as users listen to music or take calls. Its integrated GPS map feature lets them plan outdoor exercise routes, and its social features lets them share workout progress with friends on Facebook. A unique voice feedback feature lets users know the optimal amount of exercise per session; in effect, becoming a real-time coach. Users can select an exercise from various saved categories and enjoy a customized, repeatable workout experience with no additional clips, dongles or extra gear at all.

Since its announcement earlier this year, the iriver ON has received raves, awards and accolades from Forbes, C/net, Gizmodo, Popular Science, Engadget and MIT Technology Review, among many others.

The iriver ON is available now for a SRP of $199.99.

The iriver ON app monitors your workout in real-time and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. For more information and features of the iriver ON, visit - 

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