Green Giant "Raise a Giant" letter writing site helps families deal with bullying

For National Bullying Awareness Month, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center has partnered with Green Giant to help parents and kids find the courage to speak up and combat bullying.

Green Giant Raise a Giant letter writing site helps families dealing with bullying

Launched on October 1, the Raise a Giant campaign uses the power of social media to turn bystanders of bullying into brave advocates, asking parents to read, write and share their stories and end bullying in their communities coupled with bullying prevention curriculum that will be used in schools nationwide.

A new survey* says nearly 80% of moms think it’s likely their kids will witness a bullying incident at school. In fact, half of moms believe their kids will be the target of a school bully and are worried they won’t know what to do about it.

On, parents can read letters from other parents as well as write their own to their children. Green Giant hopes that the Raise a Giant letter writing campaign will serve as a catalyst and help parents initiate a conversation with their children about bullying, specifically centering on what their child can do to end bullying in their school and community.

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