We Live Chatted with Cookie Monster for New 44th Season of Sesame Street

It's not everyday you get to chat live with a Sesame Street character. But we recently enjoy the opportunity when Sesame Workshop hosted a live web chat with Cookie Monster to launch the new 44th season of Sesame Street!

Cookie Monster Live Chat for New 44th Season of Sesame Street

Note: I was invited as media to this event. No other compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

During the live web chat, TV Host and Actress Nicole Dabeau and Cookie Monster interacted with families and answered important questions like.... What is Cookie Monster favorite type of cookie? The answer? While he loves LOVES all cookies, he really likes chocolate chip. Cookie Monster likes the chippies. LOL.

My son really enjoyed live chatting with Cookie Monster. He's such a great character and I'm excited to share that during the new 44th season of Sesame Street, Cookie Monster will have a funny new segment, “Cookie’s Crumby Pictures.”

Cookie Monster Cookie’s Crumby Pictures on Sesame Street

In each five-minute segment of “Cookie’s Crumby Pictures” children will learn many strategies and activities that promote the self-regulation curriculum. Self-regulation is a set of critical skills for preschoolers that affects children socially, behaviorally and academically. Unfortunately, children often begin kindergarten without important skills, such as being able to follow directions, stay on task with focused attention and regulate their own emotions using concrete strategies.

Fortunately, self-regulation skills can be taught during the preschool years and development of these skills happens rapidly. Children can learn the behavioral strategies such as regulating emotions, controlling and resisting impulses and exerting self-control – skills essential for social-emotional competence and academic success. Season 44 of Sesame Street continues the show’s long tradition of tackling current issues that are relevant to preschoolers and school readiness.

New games will also be available on sesamestreet.org and PBSKIDS.org/sesame which will launch this fall for both desktop computers and iOS/Android tablets.
  • On www.sesamestreet.org, kids will steer Cookie Monster as he drives and races along different learning-themed roads to see how many laps they can complete before the cookie crumbles! Kids will need to remember, listen and follow directions as they race against the crumbling cookie in a variety of exciting executive function learning-based tracks! Preschoolers will be able to build their own cart, select from three different tracks and collect special power-ups that will aid them along the way.
  • On www.PBSKIDS.org/sesame, kids will be able to play self-regulation-themed games based on three new “Cookie’s Crumby Pictures” segments from the show, and even more new games will be available on PBSKIDS.org/sesame in the coming months.

Additionally, viewers will get to watch the Sesame Street new Latino neighbor, “Armando,” played by actor Ismael Cruz Córdova. “Armando,” a writer from Puerto Rico, will join Sesame Street’s bilingual community and share his heritage and culture with the rest of the neighborhood.

Other season highlights include new original songs and street stories; new “Elmo the Musical” segments; new animations and, as always, new hilarious spoofs and celebrity appearances!

You can visit Sesame Street at: www.sesamestreet.org

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  1. I love that Cookie is using his powers and influence for good-- if i was a kid- I would be MUCH more inclined to listen to cookie monster than any adult! And how adorable and handsome is your son!!

  2. My daughter LOVES Sesame Street. Cookie is by far my favorite character, and Elmo (of course) is hers.

  3. Ahh good old sesame street! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. That is so cute! I had no idea they did that on their site. Adorable.

  5. My daughter just started watching sesame street and she love Elmo :)

  6. I have very fond memories of Sesame Street as a child :) I did love the Cookie Monster :) x