Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom Fitness DVDs for Pregnancy & After

Are you looking for a way to keep fit and healthy through your pregnancy? Then you might want to learn more about The Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom, a three disc series that will guide you through ALL the stages of pregnancy.

The Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom, a three disc series will help keep you fit and healthy through pregnancy, get you back on your feet after the baby, and push you back into shape before you were pregnant OR BETTER!

In this series, Devon Butler, NASM, AFPA, IIN certified trainer, leads Dr. Zelana Montminy through her pregnancy and beyond! You’ll also find a perfect combination of tasty, healthy, easy to do recipes to compliment each of the workouts.

Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom Fitness DVDs for Pregnancy and After

HFHM DVD1 : Prenatal Exercise Routines - Pregnancy can be tough. Anyone who has experienced it knows this firsthand! Continuing to exercise and eating well is essential not only for the budding baby, but for your mental, physical and spiritual well being as a new mom. “Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom: Volume 1” is a compilation of three workouts, one for each trimester, with simple healthy tips and recipes to help nourish you and your baby’s body. All of the exercises use just your body-weight, so there is no equipment needed. With modifications and progressions to match any personal level of fitness, this program is for anyone! Grab a bottle of water and get moving! Here's to your healthy pregnancy!

HFHM DVD2 : Post Pregnancy Exercise Routines - Congratulations on the birth of your baby! The first few weeks of motherhood bring new and exciting challenges that leave exercise on the back burner. Once your baby is 6 weeks old and with your doctors permission, it’s time to bring exercise back into your life to get your body in shape once again. “Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom: Volume 2” guides you there in a safe and manageable way. Similar to “Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom: Volume 1,” we use body weight as resistance for easy-to-do workouts that can be done anywhere. Focusing on cardio and abdominal work, you will strengthen and flatten your stomach to achieve an overall leaner and more toned you. From the comfort of your own home, it’s now easy and convenient to get your body back into shape!

HFHM DVD3: Post Pregnancy – Step It Up! - “Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom: Volume 3” will build on what you have accomplished in Volume 2 and push you to the next level of fitness! You will work your entire body with simple movements that are geared to tone and sculpt!

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