5 Ways to Protect Pregnant Women From Everyday Radiation

Did you know that September is National Baby Safety Month? Belly Armor is stepping forth to raise awareness on the potential risks of cell phone, tablet and computer radiation exposure during pregnancy and baby’s early months in life.

Belly Armor Ways to Protect Pregnant Women From Everyday Radiation

Radiation exposure has long been a consideration during pregnancy, this is why women are always asked before an x-ray "Is there a chance you could be pregnant?" Women are taking more and more precautions to protect themselves, and their unborn or newly born children.

5 Easy Steps to Protect Pregnant Women From Everyday Radiation
  1. SHIELDING – Shielding with a Belly Armor blanket, nursing cover or apparel during computer and tablet use is a safe and convenient way to reduce radiation exposure while you are using radiation emitting devices. It is also helping to reduce ambient radiation from cell phone towers and wireless networks. Reducing this exposure is especially important during times of high risk – pregnancy, early childhood, and even while trying to conceive.
  2. DISTANCE – Keep your cell phone, computer and other electronics from being in direct contact with your body. (Read the fine print that comes with your cell phone – most manufacturers direct you to always keep 1/2 – 1-inch between yourself and your phone.) You can do this by:
    • Using earphones and speaker phones (but be sure to keep the phone away from your pregnant belly as well) 
    • Don’t place laptops or tablet computers directly on your body, especially your pregnant belly – and if you must, then use a pillow between the device and your body. 
    • Don’t carry your cell phone right next to your body – carry it in your bag instead. If you don’t have a bag and must put it in your pocket, face the front to your body so the radiation is directed away from you or turn it to airplane model 
    • Text instead of calling, but be sure to keep your phone away from your pregnant belly. 
    • Don’t sleep with your phone under your pillow or close to you on the night stand
  3. AIRPLANE MODE – Turning your device to airplane mode turns off the cellular and wireless signals. If your child must use a cell phone or tablet computer, switch it to airplane mode. Any time you don’t need your device to be on (especially if you are carrying it next to your body), turn it to airplane mode (this will also save battery life).
  4. LIMIT TIME – When possible, limit your time using your cell phone and other devices. Use a corded landline for long calls.
  5. BUY SMART – Not all cell phones are created equal. The radiation emitted varies significantly between them. Cell phone manufacturers are required by law to list a measure known as the SAR (specific absorption rate) of the phone, which is a measure of the radiation absorbed by the user. CNET, Environmental Working Group, and others keep up-to-date compilations of the best and worst phones for radiation emission and can be found by searching for “cell phone SAR ratings”. However, regardless of the SAR, avoid using cell phones directly next to the body.
Cell phone usage standards were set in 1996 – and have not been changed. That is why the NGO's like the Environmental Working Group and the Environmental Health Trust are demanding that the FCC research and reconsider these standards, to ensure the safety of children, reflect current use patterns and provide consumer disclosure of cell phone radiation levels.

Learn more about EWG FCC Campaign

To learn more about the sources of radiation and additional tips to reduce exposure, check out the Belly Armor Sources page.

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