5 Tips for a Healthy End of Summer Vacation

Summer may be coming to an end, but did you know that August is one of the busiest travel months for families? This month some parents are trying to fit in that last bit of fun before school starts up again by packing their carry-on bags and hitting the road.

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But at this time of year, these families have to be careful. Traveling during this time could upset a family’s health regimen and schedule. A study from the Journal of Environmental Health Research shows that colds may be more than 100 times more likely to be transmitted on a plane than during normal daily life on the ground.

To help families traveling this year end their summer travel in a health way, Dr. Jennifer Collins, New York based Physician specializing in Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, has a few useful tips to stay healthy before, during and after your vacation.

5 Tips for a Healthy End of Summer Vacation

  1. Exercise Is Important, Even on Vacation: A great secret to staying healthy is exercising on a regular basis; this actually helps to boost your immune system! No time for the gym because your shopping too much? Take the longer route when walking to and from your car to the stores.

  2. Upping Your Zinc Intake: Zinc Gluconate is clinically proven to short duration of a cold by almost half and if you start feeling symptoms of a cold, taking natural, homeopathic remedies such as Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy, which releases Zinc ions into the throat and upper respiratory system to prevent the cold virus from spreading. They are great to have on a plane, too. Sucking on a lozenge will alleviate the popping of your ears while flying!

  3. Vitamin C - Complex B and Calcium: These vitamins not only strengthen your immune system, but they are easy to get a hold of as well! A glass of milk, orange juice or a quick trip the pharmacy can help you prevent a cold.

  4. Having Fun: Of course, stressing out before a trip is never any fun. Loosen up and laugh with friends Laughter reduces stress and the less stress you have helps your immune system function effectively

  5. Don’t Deprive Yourself of Sleep: Sleep plays a vital role in good health and avoiding the cold! Getting 8 hours of sleep on regular basis (even on vacation) is important and can help protect your physical and mental health. Staying up late and waking up early doesn’t allow for your body to get the rest it needs to fight off germs.

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