Thermal-Aid Zoo Mini Heating & Cooling Pack for Kids

Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. has introduced the New Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal "Mini's". The Thermal-Aid Zoo are a 100% natural therapeutic, cuddly heating/cooling plush animal, specifically designed for kids, to reduce swelling, ease pain and gives kids of all ages a huggable pal year round. Now you will be able to get the popular Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal in a miniature version.

 Thermal-Aid Zoo Mini Heating and Cooling Pack for Kids

The new Thermal-Aid Zoo Mini's are one-fifth the size of the original Zoo Animals and are designed to reduce swelling or fevers, and relieve growing pains when cooled in the freezer or heated in a microwave

The new mini's are filled with patented all-natural corn, and created to hold temperatures evenly for long periods of time. The Thermal Aid Zoo Animals Mini's will be available for $7.99.

Thermal-Aid Zoo products can be found at a retailer near you, Costco and

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