FitBump Workout Fashion for Pregnancy & Beyond Review

When I received an invite from FitBump, WellRounded NY and Uplift Studios to attend their pregnancy-themed fitness demo, I immediately called my sister and invited her to come with me. While I could attend the FitBump maternity fitness apparel preview and the workout demo, since I'm not actually pregnant it seemed like a waste. LOL.

FitBump Workout Fashion for Pregnancy

Note: I was invited as media to this event and received product sample for review purpose. No other compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

But since my sister is nicely 5 months pregnant, I knew she would enjoy both learning about the fitness clothing and doing the demo workout. Of course I was right.

Before joining the workout, we took some time to learn more about FitBump, a new line of fitness apparel for pregnancy and beyond. My sister was also given her own FitBump outfit to workout in and she had nothing but good things to say about how it felt.

While working out FitBump provided me with work out attire for pregnant women, the clothes were very comfortable and stretched with the belly. I loved the shirt mostly it has a zipper in the back as the belly grows you can unzip the zipper to get more room for the belly instead of having to buy a new shirt. The material is very soft on the skin.

The pants were stretchy and fit comfortably on the belly. The other clothes I seen were stylish for working out or a night on the town. Time was thought out in making these clothes for pregnant women. I was very impressed with there clothes and sizes the clothes ran in S-XL. - Gabby (My sister)

FitBump Workout Fashion for Pregnancy

What makes FitBump apparel appealing is their designs expand over nine months and retract as a woman’s post-baby body gets back into shape. FitBump features sections with zippers that can be zipped open and closed for comfort as a women's body changes throughout her pregnancy. I LOVED that and wish this company was around when I was pregnant!

FitBump Workout Fashion for Pregnancy

The collection feature active-chic styles that easily transition from the gym to everyday wear.

Besides apparel, FitBump also offers Community support: From what to wear to what to eat, FitBump’s wellness experts and real moms offer the support women need to pursue a fulfilling life. The Community pages includes categories of Fitness, Nutrition & Recipes, Mommy & Baby Care, Style, Holistic Health, and Green Living.

To learn more about FitBump, visit -

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  1. When I was pregnant with my first I was still a gym bunny I had to go one size up to get gym clothes. This range is a much better option.