De-stressing at the Picnic #BTSPicnic

The past couples of days (heck months) have been so hectic and stressful for me. Besides completing blog project deadlines, I was negotiating and finalizing a buy out for my Harlem apartment, then packing to move, while getting things in order for back to school, dealing with family and personal drama AND planning for my son upcoming surgery.

To say it's been a lot is an under statement. I was over due for a break and day to relax. But to be honest, if left on my own, I would probably just sit at home vegging out. At this point, I have no extra energy to THINK about finding something to do and relax. Good thing I didn't have to.

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For a few days now, Nichol has been planning a Back to School picnic. I first heard about it from my blog friend Scherrie, who hinted I should go with her. But I couldn't think about JUST hanging out in the park! I was in the middle of all my "stuff". I was too busy to relax!

Well the joke was on me because on the way to our "Meet me at Mount Sinai" appointment, guess who I see. Like directly in front of me waiting to walk into the park. Uh huh. What are the odds, Scherrie would be there exactly at that time, exactly in that location?!

I can't fight those kind of odds so I promised to join her at Nichol's #BTSPicnic after our appointment. And I'm glad I did.

While our "Meet me at Mount Sinai" appointment went well, it was still nerve racking. I knew both my son and I needed to breath large amounts of air after. Deep and repeatedly.

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We quickly headed into the park, where my son ran wild and free over the hills to our group. As I watched him go, I strolled along enjoying and embracing the openness. No walls of the apartment, no screens in front of me, no planning, no nothing but meeting friends, watching kids play and doing nothing for a few hours.

And that's exactly what we did.

 photo btspicnic3_zps1d59d5bf.jpg
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My son enjoyed some time with the kids at the park, doing what kids do. Running, jumping and making new scraps and bruises. One moment he was crying cause he got hit with a ball. The next he was playing with ice and water along the other kids. No worries about anything besides the fun for the moment.

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For my part, I was sharing laughs and mini stories with the other moms. Just doing what women have done for years. Gather, gossip, watch our kids, and enjoy the sisterhood of women.

It was a simple day with nothing special happening, which was exactly what I needed.

 photo btspicnic6_zpsaa518463.jpg

When it was time to come home, Nichol made sure we took a bag filled with goodies from the companies who supported her BTSPicnic including:

Funny Face Cranberry
GoGo SqueeZ
Golden Krust Bakery
Hickies, offering 30% off discount code: HICKIESbloggerparty good till the end of August.
Just Salad
Land O'Lakes
Off The Wall Yogurt
Pepperidge Farm
Pirate's Booty

To both her and the companies, I send a very grateful thank you!

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  1. beautiful!! So happy you took some time to relax, you deserve it!!

  2. I just want to thank you and your son for coming to the picnic and spending time with the moms and the other kids. They had a blast! It was a beautiful day and I'm glad you and your son enjoyed yourselves.

  3. How come i wasn't invited? No worries, next time. I followed the hashtags on instagram, looked like a fun event and well deserved break.

  4. I had a great time "doing nothing" in the park...a well deserved break. We should do it more often!