4 Healthy Back to School Essentials

Parents are getting their kids ready for back-to-school with everything from paper, pencils, and binders. This school season help parents need to also add a few other items to make sure kids stay healthy amidst classroom germs and airborne illnesses.

4 Healthy Back to School Essentials

Here are 4 healthy back to school essentials products that parents should add to their kids backpacks
  • Halo Sani-Cuffs: When your kids get on the bus for their first day of school so do the germs! Whether in the classroom or on the playground at recess, your children are bound to pick up some germs throughout the day. Instead of worrying about yucky bacteria on their little hands just make sure you are encouraging good hygiene! Halo Sani-Cuffs are comfortable, stylish, and collectible hand sanitizer wristbands for kids that give parents piece-of-mind that their little ones are never more than an arm’s length away from fighting germs. ($3.99)
  • BiOmega Jr.: A child’s education is never more important than their elementary school years! Between Kindergarten and 5th grade, your kids will learn all the basics they will need to excel in the upcoming school years. BiOmega Jr., fortified with Omega-3 fatty acids, supports healthy cognitive and neural development in kids to ensure that your kids’ brains are growing on schedule, in and out of the classroom. ($20.34 )
  • Komplete Ultimate Shakes: Some mornings, there just isn’t enough time for a nutritious breakfast before getting on the bus. If this is a common problem among your kids, try Kate Farms’ Komplete Ultimate Shakes - a line of dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free ready to drink meal replacement shakes. Certified made with organic ingredients and blended with antioxidants and 21 Superfoods, this creamy creation of all natural ingredients will ensure that your little ones are receiving the proper nutrition to stay healthy – and they taste great! ($4.29 at local retailers or online)
  • Cold-EEZE: Busy schools are the perfect place for colds to rapidly spread. Whether your kids are sharing foods at lunch or toys at recess, it can be all too easy for your child to catch a cold. Make sure to pack Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy to stop colds in their tracks. Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy is clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold by nearly half. (Available for kids 12 and older for $6.99 at local drug stores or online)

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