4 Tips for Kids Good Sleeping Habits

Parents all over America are struggling with sleepless nights and tired children this summer. But Michele Berman, creator of the ZAZOO KiDS photo clock, shares 4 tips on how to maintain your children positive sleeping habits during the hectic summer months.

Zazoo Kids 4 Tips for Good Sleeping Habits

4 Tips to Maintain Good Sleeping Habits for Kids
  1. Let car rides coincide with nap time - If you have more than one summer activity planned, then plan your commute strategically around nap time. While kids should usually be encouraged to sleep in beds rather than cars, there are times when it can be good to let them slip in short naps whenever they can. Even fifteen minutes could give your young child the boost he needs to make it through the evening activity.
  2. Maintain the bedtime routine, no matter the time - Be sure to let your kids go through their usual bedtime routine, even if it is late: teeth, hair, books, whatever it may be. This sends the signal to their bodies and minds that it is time to stop having fun and start resting, making the transition easier for everyone.
  3. Missed naps shouldn't always be made up - If your child stays up late and sleeps in the next morning, you might catch them heading towards a nap later in the day than you would like. Consider preventing the special late nap, tempting though it may be, to ensure a return to regular bedtime that night.
  4. Limit sugar, especially at night - This probably goes without saying, but the more sugar kids have, the harder they will find it to settle down and fall asleep. For treats in the late afternoon and evening, consider more natural sugars like watermelons and blueberries.
Another useful tool to help your child get into good sleeping habits is the Zazoo Photo Clock that has nighttime and naptime settings. The Zazoo Photo Clock shows young children if its daytime or nighttime before they can even tell time. It can be personalize with images of the child. Other multimedia features include traditional alarm clock, rotating picture frame, music and video to ensure years of use.

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