The Jungle Book New Toy Line

Growing up one of my favorite stories was The Jungle Book. A child living with animals and going on adventures? Who doesn't enjoy a good story like that. Now kids can enjoy the books, movies AND toys based on The Jungle Book.

The Jungle Book New Toy Line

Following the success of The Jungle Book CGI animated series TV series, The Jungle Book Toy Line, consisting of action figures, play sets and walkie talkies; outdoor adventure, electronic and summer toys has now launched in key global territories.

SMC Entertainment Group, Inc. (SMC), Sun-Mate Corporation and DQ Entertainment International, producer and global rights owner of 'The Jungle Book' TV series, have secured best-in-class partners for the launch. Jungle Book toys will be carried at Toys"R"Us in Australia, the Middle East, Israel, South Africa and the US and by other key retailers in these territories and across Scandinavia.

The range will also be available from online retailers, including

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