Finding childhood joy at the Bergen County Zoo

This weekend while visiting family in NJ, we made a trip to the Bergen County Zoo, a unique 18-acre wildlife center that specifically has animals from North, Central & South America and the Great Plains.

Visiting the NJ Bergen County Zoo

Note: I made a personal visit to the Bergen County Zoo and paid for admission. The Bergen County Zoo did not request my visit, sponsored this post, or even know who I am. LOL

I thought visiting the Bergen County Zoo would be a great family activity. My son and I would run around to the different animal exhibits while my mom and uncle would sit in the park enjoying the sun. Seems I had it all wrong. I soon discovered that my mom and uncle also wanted to enjoy visiting the animal exhibits!

Visiting the NJ Bergen County Zoo

My uncle enjoyed learning about the Macaws parrots just as much as my son did. And it didn't stop there.

Visiting the NJ Bergen County Zoo

There was many more animals including owls, hogs, mountain lions and a Dolly, a Belgian draft horse who was as tall as my uncle!

Visiting the NJ Bergen County Zoo

As a family we went around the zoo and saw the animals including turtles, bobcats, alligators (my moms favorite exhibit), prairie dogs, and lizards. Just to name a few animals.

I'm glad my mom and uncle let their inner child out for the day! They really enjoyed the Bergen County Zoo with me and my son. Seems I need to include my family on more of our trips and activities!

To learn more, visit the Bergen County Zoo website -

Do you include extended family members in your families activities?

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  1. What a great place to visit with kids. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Gotta love the zoo! Looks like your family had a blast :)

  3. We sometimes include extended family in our activities. There are so many of us, though, that if we add all our cousins it can make it hard to do anything. It's like walking with an army! haha

    The zoo looks like fun! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.