Brush Buddies "The Smurfs" Characters Toothbrushes

Brush Buddies, recently announced it has teamed up with Sony Pictures Consumer Products for the launch of Brush Buddies Smurfs Poppin' toothbrushes, Brush Buddies Smurfs Talking Toothbrushes, and Brush Buddies Smurfs manual toothbrushes. This action packed collection will be the newest addition to the Brush Buddies licensed toothbrush collection.

Brush Buddies The Smurfs Character Toothbrushes

Brush Buddies Smurfs Talking is a line of educational talking timer toothbrushes. A push of a button will start audio that educates the child on how to brush for the full two minutes. The fun personalities of Papa Smurf and Smurfette come through with their unique Smurf voices guiding children to brush each section of their teeth, starting with their upper teeth then switching to their lower teeth after the first minute, and finally ending the sequence by letting them know they have done a great job!

Brush Buddies Smurfs Poppin' is a line of pop-up action toothbrushes in the shape of Papa Smurf and Smurfette. Their heads are made of soft rubber that functions as a protective toothbrush cap. Children can push on the Smurfs' belly buttons to activate a spring-loaded mechanism that makes the brush extend and "pop-up" out of the body. When the head is removed, it reveals the toothbrush bristles for brushing.

The Poppin' and Talking line is designed with safety features in mind for children ages 2 to 11 years old. The products are BPA free with soft DuPont Tynex Bristles and designed with an ergonomic handle that easily fits a child's hands.

Brush Buddies products are available at Toys R Us and Walmart. You can also order your own Smurfs Poppin' or Talking Toothbrushes, by visit

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