Supporting My Son's Summer Reading at New York Public Library

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Growing up I LOVED reading. Like seriously. It was my favorite thing to do and one of the best habits I started in childhood. I'm not sure how and where I started but I can't think of a time I wasn't surrounded by books. My love of reading followed me all the way into adulthood and now motherhood.

New York Public Library Summer Reading

Note: No compensation was received for this post nor was I requested to write about the NYPL Summer Reading program. I chose to post about it because it's a great program to encourage and support kids (and families) reading. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Naturally, after having my son I started sharing books with him. Like me, my son LOVES books and enjoys our trips to libraries and bookstores.

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At first we would just look at picture books or I would read the books to him. But this past year my son really started to recognize words and began reading out loud on his own. It's an amazing thing to see my son start to recognize words, sound them out and then read them in a sentence. I am so proud!

Reading in Barnes & Noble

This summer, since I want to encourage my son's growing reading ability, I signed him up for the Summer Reading with the The New York Public Library, a FREE summer-long program that encourages kids and teens (and adults) to read at local branches throughout the summer to combat “summer slide” while out of school.

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I chose the NYPL Summer Reading program because the library has always been an important part of our reading life. While I love bookstores, they can be costly. But using the library is FREE and there's so many great books to choose from.

Not to mention our local library is right around the corner. Literally. All the library staff knows me and my son, so choosing the libraries summer reading program was a good fit for us.

Signing up for the program was super easy. I made my son an online profile using his library card. Yes he has his own. Now after reading books he can earn badges, create a favorite books list and more.

Then we visited our local library to start getting books from the Summer Reading Book Lists, which is grouped by school grades.

So what books did we get this weekend?

  • Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton
  • Frederick by Leo Lionni
  • The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin
  • Subway Ride by Heather Lynn Miller

Every few days, I'll swap out books and let you know how we liked them. If you sign your child (or yourself!) up for a summer reading program (you should!) let me know about it. Would love to know what books your family read this summer.

The Summer Reading program is presented by Brooklyn Public Library, The New York Public Library and Queens Library.

To learn more, visit -

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  1. I remember you telling me about this at the Baby Expo! We'll take a walk out there today and get him all signed up.

  2. Great. Let me know what books you and your son enjoyed reading