Emmy Kate Designs "Smartie Pals" educational color shirts & puzzles

Did you know that colors are strongly linked to the process of child development? Looking at different colors helps to improve a child's cognitive and motor skills, speech and hearing. Which is why it is really important to have the right educational toys and tools for children to learn their colors.

Emmy Kate Designs Smartie Pals educational color wooden puzzle and shirt

Emmy Kate Designs has created Smartie Pals, a line of new products for kids, ages one to five, that are not only educational, but also fun! From puzzles that children can play with to shirts that they can wear, the husband and wife duo behind Emmy Kate Designs have created a line of products that kids and parents will gravitate towards.

Each wooden puzzle or shirt features a different color with shapes of animals and objects that go with the particular color. That way, young ones can learn colors as well as which animals and objects the colors correspond with! Colorful pictures improve children's cognitive skills, motor skills, speech and hearing, letting them put two and two together and make sense of the world around them.

For samples or additional information, please visit www.emmykatedesign.com

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