Getting Turbo Ready - WordFUL Wednesday

Recently I started to help promote the Turbo: Super Stunt Squad video game and movie. The Turbo movie storyline is really cute and I'm excited to see how the video games tie into the movie. While the Turbo: Super Stunt Squad video game hasn't been released yet (July 16, 2013), the app game has, so my son and I have been playing it. So fun!

Turbo Super Stunt Squad

I said all that to son is VERY familiar with Turbo. So when we went to the movie recently and he saw one of those movie display with Turbo he HAD to go over and get a photo. I'm not kidding. That's exactly what he said. Mommy take a picture!

And because I'm a good mom....I took the photo of my son grinning next to Turbo. Besides it was a fun display with the neon lights and life size snail.

Turbo Super Stunt SquadTurbo Super Stunt Squad

As if that's not enough fun for my son, a few days later I get a package. I should really say my son got a package because it was filled with Turbo movie stuff including a poster, racing related items like dice and a cool book bag with Turbo branding. Again, I HAD to take a photo.

And I did. Because that's what moms do when our children are excited about something. I think my son is ready to see the Turbo movie and play the video games don't you?

What excited your family this week?

Turbo: Super Stunt Squad is a high-velocity action game. Take over and get into the action with jumps, drifts, slides, flips and other super-cool stunt moves to earn power-ups, customize characters, win competitive challenges and discover shortcuts in the dynamic larger-than-life environments of Turbo’s world.

Based on DreamWorks Animation's upcoming animated film Turbo, releaseing July 19, 2013, the game will be available in stores on July 16, 2013 for the Nintendo DS and 3DS platforms as well as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and Wii consoles.

For more information on Turbo: Super Stunt Squad, visit

To learn more about Turbo movie, visit -

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  1. Cool!! I just saw the trailer for this and thought it would be a cute movie!

  2. I saw the commercial the other day and my son and hubby can not wait to see it as well. I bet the game will be so much fun. Your son is so cute. What excited me this week was just being with my family. Have a nice week and I have my ww up as well. I am asking What kind of wisdom did your mom share with you? Come and link up with me at:

  3. Oh my gosh! A slug! Hahaha I want to see this movie!

  4. Just checked out the app looks like a lot of fun. Will be on the look out for the movie release.

  5. My kids are looking forward to seeing the movie. As for what was exciting? Nathan was excited about watching The Avengers on Netflix. Lucie was excited about tennis camp.

  6. I love the neon snail. We haven't seen the movie yet but we are hoping to.

  7. I just saw a thing on the news about Turbo the other day. It sounds really cute.

  8. I can't wait to see Turbo! It looks SO CUTE!

    This week is VBS, so there hasn't been much else happening.

  9. That is very exciting! We are excited to go on our trip next week!

  10. I just saw the preview and this looks so cute!

  11. So awesome - I'm anxious to see this one! How fun for him to enjoy all the extras! This week has been full of movie goodness and summer fun.