Dano AppCrayon "One Equals Two" Program

Always on the lookout for ways to share their educational creations with kids in need, DANO is launching the One Equals Two program. With every purchase of the AppCrayon at a qualifying retailer like Target, Staples, RadioShack, and more, DANO will be donating a copy of their product and app to a school in need.

Dano AppCrayon

When it comes to kid-friendly content on the iPad or iPhone it seems like video games reign supreme while education takes a back seat. At DANO it's their goal to break the mold by providing parents with iOS apps that focus on fostering creativity and a love of learning in the next generations.

Named editor's choice by PC magazine and endorsed by teachers, pediatricians, and schools around the world, the AppCrayon is the modern take on how to teach kids about writing and the alphabet. This fun tool features a stylus shaped like a crayon with a triangular training grip and soft tip that is used in tandem with an app on Apple devices.

The AppCrayon has three levels of difficulty to help build them up to writing quickly and confidently in both uppercase and lowercase letters. In addition to learning how to write, the app also has special sound features that teaches the pronunciation and use of each letter with the tap of a button.

For more information, visit www.dano2.com

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  1. I don't think our schools has ipads in the classroom. But this looks like something great to for both of the kids. One just starting to write and the other just needs some good practice! I'm going to check it out at Target!