Blik's Stick the Fish on the Fishbowl & Other surface graphics

Blik, an innovative maker of self-adhesive surface graphics, is giving an age-old game a fun new twist: Stick the "blank" on the "blank". Blik's new product line is aimed at kids parties and general merriment and is launching four different themes to kick-off the new line: Stick the Bear on the Circus Train, Stick the Fish on the Fishbowl, Stick the Wheel on the Fire Truck and Stick the Egg on the Nest.

Blik Stick the Fish on the Fishbowl other surface graphics

Riffed off of the endearing Pin the Tail on the Donkey, each set comes with the full game, a mask and a mini version of the game for the winner. While designed for kids, any fun-loving adult can play along. Just no peeking!

Stick the "blank" on the "blank" products:
  • Stick the Bear on the Circus Train: The circus is in town! Fill up the train cars with bears with this fun party game.
  • Stick the Fish on the Fishbowl: It might not be like shooting fish in a barrel, but it's easier than finding Nemo!
  • Stick the Wheel on the Fire Truck: The wheels on the fire truck go round and round, you just have to stick them on first!
  • Stick the Egg on the Nest: Which came first, the hen or the egg? Place the Henrietta the hen on the wall and help her lay her eggs.
Stick the "blank" on the "blank" is designed to be interactive and fun for kids of all ages.

Blik’s looking for fan feedback for the next design in the line. Fans can visit Blik’s blog and leave their idea for the next Stick the "blank" on the "blank". One winner will have their design concept to the collection, plus get credit for their ideas and a $250 Blik gift certificate.

The full Blik product line is available online and at retailers worldwide. For more information, visit

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