Boys and Bras? - WordFUL Wednesday

A few weeks ago I had to walk through the women's intimates section of a department store to get to another section, when my son asked me what "they" were wearing.

 photo danbras.jpg

I wasn't prepared to explain "bra" terminology to a 4 year old so I just said underwear. He seemed to accept my explain. At least for the moment.

A few weeks later while dressing, my son comes into the room and stands there. As I try to kick him out the room, he says he wants to wear underwear also. Huh?
  • Me: But you already have on underwear.
  • My son: No, not that one. That one! And he points to my bra.
  • Me: Oh dear.

I try to explain that this type of underwear is only for girls. Boys don't wear these. He's wants to know why. So I stood there furiously thinking how to explain bras and breasts to a 4 y/o.

The best I came up with on such short notice was, "They just don't, it's not for boys. I will tell you more later. When you older" *whispering to myself, much older!*

I knew I would need to have "certain" type of conversations with my son. But I didn't think explaining bras and their usage would be one of them.

What questions from your child have you been unprepared to answer?

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