Be featured in a P&G commercial. Share how you minimize your environmental footprint

Procter & Gamble the Company behind consumer brands including Gillette, Ariel, Tide and Pampers today announced that 45 of their facilities have now achieved zero manufacturing waste to landfill, which marks a major step towards the Company’s long-term vision of sending zero manufacturing and consumer waste to landfills. Over the past 5 years, P&G's work to find worth in waste has created over $1 billion in value for the company.

Be featured in a P&G commercial. Share how you minimize your environmental footprint

Bob McDonald, P&G President, CEO and Chairman of the Board said, “We have a vision for the future, where plants are powered by renewable energy, products are made from recycled and renewable materials and resources are conserved, with no waste going to landfill. Changing the way we see waste as a Company has brought us one step closer to this goal at 45 sites worldwide, where all of our manufacturing waste is recycled, repurposed or converted into energy.”

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To created “worth from waste” P&G has reused in the following ways:
  • Unusable fibers from recycled paper waste at a Charmin plant in Latin America are used to build low cost roof tiles to help provide homes for local families.
  • Waste from making shampoos, like Pantene and Head and Shoulders, are used as fertilizer to convert industrial land into parks and green spaces in China.
  • Materials that were once thrown away at the Always and Whisper plant in India are recycled into plastic soles to create low cost shoes.

To celebrate this achievement, P&G is now asking parents to share their stories on the everyday things they do to help minimize their environmental footprint on their Facebook page. By sharing you'll be entered for the chance to be featured in their next P&G commercial!

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