4 Year Checkup and the Asthma Action Plan

So on Friday I took my son for his 4 year check up and I knew it was going to be a difficult visit. For one my son needed to get his shots. Getting shots are never a good time for children (or some adults).

For another I knew the doctor would want to check in about my son's Asthma and if we needed to get more serious about managing it. Considering my son had once again caught a cold (again!) and was wheezing away....I knew things didn't look good.


And just as I thought, the doctor felt it was time to "officially" diagnose him with having asthma and all that comes with it. Meaning....

Getting my son a Asthma "Puffer" Wristband

Asthma Action Plan

Filling out a Asthma Action Plan for home and school

Metered InhalerAeroChamber Flow-Vu

Getting a 2nd prescription filled for Metered Inhaler and AeroChamber Flow-Vu to leave with the school nurse

Then there was the various forms I needed to fill out to give the school nurse permission to treat him in case my son's asthma comes on him in school. All of this was just in the first few minutes. We didn't even get to the other examination questions about development. Honesty, my head started to hurt.

I had asthma as a child but don't think my mom had to deal with any of this. Which kind says something since sometimes I ended up in the hospital. I vividly remember one ambulance ride one night. I don't want me son to have memories like that. As much as possible I want to be preventive and keep his asthma episodes at a manageable level. As we move into Spring and allergy season we'll see how I do. The nurse told me this time of year can be difficult for those with asthma

The rest of the doctor visit didn't go smooth either. The doctor and I sorta haggled over his next round of shots and when he should get them. Since she wanted to prescribe him Prednisolone, to help calm down his wheezing, we both agreed we should hold off on getting his vaccination.

But I wanted to wait an extra month while she wanted to just wait the weekend. She wasn't happy but I was firm on spacing things out. So we made plans for him to get one vaccination Friday and then to come back on Monday for a checkup and for one more vaccination. The last vaccination would be given next month.

I could rant about vaccinations and how I wish doctors would space them out more but that's for another time.

Overall my son is healthy and doing well and the doctor was pleased with his development. I just hope I can continue to keep him healthy into his adulthood when he'll be responsible for himself!

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  1. you dont want me to get started on vaccines.

  2. I have asthma as well. It went away for years and now it came back. No fun!

  3. I feel for you with all these decisions. I hope he kinda grows out of it as he gets older!

  4. I'm glad to see that they created an Action Plan! When I was little, it was pretty much "Here's an inhaler" and that was the end of it.

  5. Oh, no fun! I do like his wristband, though!

    Good for you - standing your ground is something I need to get better at!

  6. Aww, poor guy. My son had vaccines this week and he is still feeling bad. I hope your son feels better soon.

  7. Asthma is so scary, I hope he out grows it when hes older.

  8. My 18 month old has been diagnosed with asthma. I will be following his progress so I can see what to expect. Thanks

  9. Glad you were able to space the vaxs out a bit. They keep threatening to diagnose my kids with asthma, too. Hugs!

  10. I agree with you about shots being spaced out more. It wreaks havoc on kids.