Wireless Service for 30 New Mid-town NY Subway Stations

As a family who uses the NYC MTA bus and train systems to get around the city, this latest news about wireless service being available at more train stations is exciting!

Wireless Service in Mid-town NY Subway Stations

Transit Wireless and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) recently announced a significant milestone in the multi-year project to build a state of the art wireless network in the New York City subway system. 30 new subway stations in mid-town Manhattan, including Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle are now online, in addition to the initial six in Chelsea, which went online in September 2011.

MTA officials were joined by executives from Transit Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Boingo Wireless to demonstrate the service at the Times Square Station.

In addition, representatives from Sprint and Verizon Wireless were also on hand to announce that both carriers are finalizing agreements to participate in the network, meaning that all four major carriers are expected to provide cell phone and data connectivity to their customers in New York’s underground subway stations.

“The New York City subway system is the most heavily trafficked system in the world and now riders have wireless service. We have been working closely with AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Boingo to bring wireless technology into one of the oldest and historic public transportation systems in the world and we’re thrilled to begin that work with Sprint and Verizon,” said William A. Bayne Jr., CEO of Transit Wireless, “This network benefits not only riders, but city workers and first responders, and it will be the backbone for future technology and safety improvements to the city’s subway stations.”

Public Safety Benefits

While the network allows users to make and receive cell phone calls, send text messages, stream music, play online mobile games and more, all from underground subway station, it also enables important services that improve security such as E911 that allow dispatchers to know when a call is being placed from an underground platform and the forthcoming Help Point Intercom system, which will help riders get basic travel information or get help in an emergency with the push of a button, right on the platform.

“This goes beyond providing cell service underground, it brings our customers a new level of security – with the ability to dial 911 in an emergency,” said Acting MTA Chairman Fernando Ferrer. “Customers now know that when they see something, they can now say something using their device to call 911.”

Subway riders can currently access the sponsored Wi-Fi network provided by Boingo for free by choosing the SSID: FreeWifibyHTCONE.

To quickly find stations that have wireless service, visit the Transit Wireless mobile-friendly website www.nycsubwaywireless.com

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