French’s Flavor Infuser marinades: Caribbean Jerk Review

For my mom's birthday this weekend, there was a lot of cooking going on. There was curry chicken, fried rice and roti the first night. The second night we made chow mien and grilled chicken. For the grilled chicken I decided to try out French’s New Flavor Infuser marinades that was sent to me for a review.

French’s Flavor Infuser marinades
French’s Flavor Infuser marinades

Note: I received product samples for review purpose. No other compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

I chose to use the French’s Flavor Infuser Caribbean Jerk marinade since most of my family like spicy caribbean food. Using the marinade was really convenient, easy and a great way to get flavor deep into the chicken before cooking. I made a brief demo video showing how to use the French’s Flavor Infuser marinade. Check it out

After I started the marinade process my sister took over and finished up with grilling the chicken.

French’s Flavor Infuser marinades

We were both impressed that within a few minutes (about 10) the chicken was flavored and ready for cooking. We didn't have to mixing anything or put into a container or plastic bag for hours.

French’s Flavor Infuser marinades

After grilling the chicken it was time for taste testing!

Everyone agreed that the chicken tasted well, but while the Caribbean Jerk marinade added a nice flavor to the chicken, it wasn't really hot or spicy as I hoped. While the children did enjoy eating the chicken, the adults did wish it had a bit more spicy kick to it. But then again we are Caribbeans and think everything needs just a bit more spice!

Overall the French’s Flavor Infuser marinades did a great job and we'd recommend other families try it. The no mess ease of use alone makes it worthwhile.

The French’s new Flavor Infuser marinades are available for $2.99 each in four flavors,
  • Sweet & Tangy Teriyaki, great with chicken or salmon;
  • Classic Steakhouse, ideal for strip steak or London broil;
  • Zesty Italian, also great with chicken
  • Caribbean Jerk, perfect with pork tenderloin.
Look for new French’s Flavor Infuser in the marinade aisle of your local store. For additional recipe ideas, visit and “like” on Facebook at

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