Back to School, Back to Work - WordFUL Wednesday

I recently made the decision to go back to work. Again. Why would I want to? A few reasons. Now that my son will start kindergarten in September, I've been thinking what should I do. I could continue to work and blog at home. But I think it's time for me to return to a traditional job.

back to school, back to work

However in order for me to return to a traditional job, I will need some help. How should I explain the gaps in my resume? What will I say during the interview about how my "new media" job skills can be utilized in a traditional work place? Does knowing how to use twitter really matter if I have to make copies?

These are some of the questions I was hoping to answer when I signed up for a class. The class is suppose to help me prepare to go back to work. Like most classes they offered help with resume writing, interviewing skills and such. And they do. However I think I might be a bit advanced for this class.

During computer lab time, I had the most interesting conversation.

Computer lab person - Do you need help setting up an email account?
Me - No, I already have an email. About 5 of them
Computer lab person - How about learning how to use email and search the internet?
Me - No, I know how to email and search online
Computer lab person  Word processing? Using excel?
Me - No, I worked in an office and know all the office programs
Computer lab person - Hmm. So what can I help you with?
Me - *pause* I guess I sorta know all the basics already

As a person who uses technology and social media everyday, I'm amazed how many people still need help with the basics. It was a humbling moment for me not to take my skills for granted.

My next few class were on resume formatting and interviewing skills. In these classes I did better. There was something for me to learn. Tools for me to use to organize my "new media" life into something a traditional job person will understand.

Hopefully in a few months what I learned in these classes will help me get a traditional job. If not then I guess I can always go back to "new media". Which is such an ironic thing to say.

Have you ever taken a class to learn something new or to enhance a skill?

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