Prayerful Moment in Riverside Church - Wordless Wednesday

Since I live in Harlem, I've passed by the Riverside Church a few times but never been inside. Until recently. I was taking care of a personal errand and had to go inside the church.

New York City Riverside Church

The Riverside Church is a lovely building with great architecture. Inside it's HUGE and very beautiful. I took a moment for prayerful reflection on a few personal things. Then I walked around for a bit. Sorry I didn't get any inside photos. Maybe I should go back for another visit.

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  1. There is always something about church architecture that is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. One of my favorite things when traveling is to visit old churches just to look around, they are so beautiful.

  3. Lovely. That detail is so intricate.

  4. What a beautiful church! Do they do tons of weddings?

  5. The outside looks gorgeous though!

  6. Looks like it would be pretty amazing inside!