Tips on How to "Transition into a Social Parent" #smwnyc

During Social Media week I joined The Parenting Aspect Network and a small group of parenting bloggers to discuss how to "Transition into a Social Parent".

Parent bloggers discussion

The idea for the discussion came out of many mini discussions I had with other "mom" bloggers who wanted to step up to their next level with blogging. I can so relate.

When I first started blogging after the birth of my son, my blog posts were about all the adorable things he did, where we went and what products we used. I was a true mom blogger in that sense. But now that my son is almost 5 years old and my focus has shifted from him back to my self and my what will I blog about?

Parent bloggers discussion

This is the question many "mom" bloggers face. When you are ready to expand from just being a "mom" to being a "parent" then what? How can you shift the focus of your writing and blog?

Some of the suggestions I shared included

  • Be honest with yourself and your readers. Most likely they have grown along with you and your blog. If your interests have changed then maybe so have theirs.
  • Learn to define what your "personal" brand is and make it consistent when it comes to social media. Learn to link your profiles across different accounts and share the same information
  • When looking to grow, seek out advice from peers and those you trust. But also be open to constructive criticism about things that you might need to change. Sometimes to get to your next level means admitting you need to change a few things.

We also discussed how to work with blog networks like The Parenting Aspect Network. It's important that bloggers connect with networks that will match bloggers up with the right campaigns and really build a relationship. So many networks just blast out campaigns to a list regardless of it's a right match or not. The Parenting Aspect Network was started by a pr professional who has worked with parenting bloggers and knows how to be the bridge between bloggers and brands.

Pretzel Crisps
Pretzel Crisps

One of The Parenting Aspect Network clients, Pretzel Crisps, was there to meet the bloggers and share about the company and the latest products.

I really appreciated that Pretzel Crisps took the time to speak with and get to know each of the bloggers, as well as tell us how their product can fit into our lives. Pretzel Crisps gave out a recipe book and shared different ways families can enjoy making fun snacks and appetizers using their products.

Scholastic Soho Store

It was a great event to start off the New Year and to take my baby steps into public speaking again. Huge thank you to The Parenting Aspect Network for partnering with me, to Pretzel Crisps for sponsoring the snacks for the event and to the Scholastic Soho Store for allowing us to have our event in their space.

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