Gerber New Graduates 2+ Kid Selects Meals for Toddlers 2+

Gerber introduced its newest products, Gerber Graduates 2+ Kid Selects™, mix-and-match meal that offer toddlers 2 years and older a range of protein, vegetable and grain options made just for them.

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Gerber Graduates 2+ Kid Selects help children make nutritious choices and master self-feeding skills, including use of a fork and spoon. The line includes meals made with farm-grown vegetables, tender white meat and whole grains, and contains no preservatives.

Gerber Graduates 2+ Kid Selects™ are available in six varieties:

Grilled Chicken Nuggets
Turkey Meatballs
Sweet Corn with Red Peppers
Carrots & Green Beans
Brown Rice with Mixed Vegetables
Dinosaur Shaped Pasta

The Graduates 2+ line also includes Gerber Graduates 2+ Dippers, spoon-shaped biscuits made with six grams of whole grain per serving and a side of real fruit or fruit and yogurt dip. Gerber Graduates 2+ Dippers make learning to eat like a grown-up fun. They're easy to pick up and perfect for scooping and dipping.

The Gerber® Graduates® 2+ line also includes:

Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Dippers
Available in the following varieties: Mixed Berry, Strawberry Banana and Peach Banana Mango
Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Cereal Twists
Available in the following varieties: Strawberry Blueberry and Banana Peach
Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Fruit Twists
Available in the following varieties: Strawberry Grape and Cherry Berry
Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Juice Treats
Available in the following varieties: Tropical and Fruit Medley

These products are available at retailers nationwide. For more information on these and other new Gerber products, please visit

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  1. I've seen these meals, but am not sure if my daughter will like them. She outgrew the other Gerber toddler meals and won't eat them now. But maybe she will like these...does your son like them?

  2. My son eats the meals I eat so we didn't try this but perhaps older toddler will? Let me know if you try them