Facetime with Family - WordFUL Wednesday

Recently my son said he missed Adrianne, my 2nd sister and his 2nd aunt, so we made plans for her to come over and spend some time with him. It worked out since I had personal errands that would have me outside ALL day.

Family using Facetime app

While I could take my son, it's better he and his aunt had some bonding time. And bond they did. On Facetime. With his other Aunt (My 1st sister) and his cousin (my 2nd niece).

Family using Facetime app

So what's interesting about this is...I don't have Facetime and have no clue how to use it. Well that's not true. The app is on my son's iPad and I'm sure I can figure out how to use. I just haven't tried. But seems my sister knows how to use Facetime and has now taught my son.

It's amazing that my son (and niece) are growing up using and learning about technology in such natural ways. When I was his age, we used a regular telephone when we wanted "facetime" with the family. How things have changed and will keep changing.

Does your child use Facetime or any other apps/technology to keep in touch with family members

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