Dirty Jobs Mess Masters Contest #DirtyJobs

As most parents know, kids seem to have a special skill for making a mess. No matter how careful you are or how much you ask them to be careful, somehow kids will find a way to get into something and make a mess.

toddler making a mess with baby powder

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I can say this from experience. My son has made many a mess during his 4 years of life. While some of his mess making has been frustrating, most other times it's been very amusing. I remember one time he decided to put baby powder on. By himself. I don't know what he was thinking! By the time he was done, the baby powder was both on him and on everything else. Of course I took a photo before giving him a bath.

I'm sure as a parent or caregiver you have a few stories to tell of your kids messy moments right? Do you ever wish you could be rewarded for the messes your children make?

Dirty Jobs, known for their cleaning products that are formulated to handle the dirtiest jobs, is launching a nationwide search for America's top 'Mess Masters.' Send them a photo of the messiest mess your own Mess Master makes and if your photo is selected you could win a full year's professional maid service from Molly Maid, one of the country's top-rated professional home cleaning service companies. Additional prizes are also available.

The contest will run for eleven weeks from February 21 through May 9, 2013. Grand Prize winner will be announced on or about Mother's Day, May 12, 2013. It's easy and simple to get in on all the fun.

Dirty Jobs Mess Masters Contest

Send in your best Mess Master photo and you will be entered and eligible to win one of the following great prizes:

  • Grand Prize Winner - Molly Maid Cleaning Service for 1 year
  • First runner Up - $500 Gift Card
  • Second Runner Up - $250 Gift Card
  • Eleven Weekly Prize Winners will win a $100 Gift Card

For more information about Dirty Jobs and the Dirty Jobs Mess Master contest, to visit www.mydirtyjobs/messmasters

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  1. Children make such messes but it makes them even more adorable and makes us as parents a little crazy and but love it nonetheless.

  2. I bet there will be a LOT of kids who will qualify to win this contest. My DD has made some really big (and gross messes) - I can chuckle now but in the moment I was like, "AARGH!"

  3. Thankfully parents can look back at most messes our kids make and chuckle. Most times :)