Appreciating Snow Joy with My Son

Can you believe it snowed again here in NYC. I sure couldn't believe it as I stood there with snow flakes falling down on me. A few had the nerve to land on my nose and eye lashes. The nerve! As I started to fuss over dealing with yet another snowy day, I looked over to my son and saw......

catching snow flakes

.....he was trying to catch snow flakes on his tongue. Pure and simple joy was all over his face. To him this was a fun moment to be enjoyed. So what if it was snowing again. So what if Spring weather is delayed a few more days. Right here. Right now. He was in the moment and the moment was joyful.

enjoying the snow

As I stood there watching him, I could have cried but instead I had to smile. And then I had to laugh. Here I was fussing all by myself. How foolish I felt. Like really? Over snow that will probably melt by tomorrow? Was I really getting upset over little frozen water flakes?!

I gave into the moment and tried to catch a few snowflakes on my tongue also. This lead to more giggles and feelings of joy.

The innocence and "live in the moment" focus of my son always surprises me. He knows how to appreciate the here and now. How to be joyful in the moment completely. I love this child so much. May his life continue to be filled with simple joyful moments like these.

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