Alien Spidy Digital Game from Kalypso Media

Look for a fun new game to enjoy? Then check out Kalypso Media's Alien Spidy, a digital action-adventure game starring a swinging alien spider, for Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, Mac, and Windows PC releasing March 20th 2013.

Alien Spidy Digital Game from Kalypso Media

Alien Spidy engages players to step into the web of an intelligent alien spider whose space ship has crash landed on Earth. In order to escape, Spidy must rescue his female companion, Virgi, and collect the lost parts of his craft. Alien Spidy’s unique web-swinging mechanics and beautifully illustrated environments make the game accessible to gamers of all ages, but it’s the game’s increasingly tough levels that are likely to engage hardcore players.

Spanning more than 60 levels and three distinct landscapes, Alien Spidy takes gamers deep into the treacherous world of insects, zooming down into the cover growth of forests, the tricky Lilli pads of ponds, and the echoing darkness of caves. Each level is crawling with a variety of enemies large and small, landscapes filled with tricks and traps, and surprises to boot.

Alien Spidy for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac, and Windows PC is rated “E” for everybody by the ESRB. For more information on Alien Spidy, please visit

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