"Make One Simple Change" Online Forum Seeks Ideas for Keeping America's Children Safer #1simplechange

Time Inc.'s All You, Essence, Health and Real Simple have teamed up to launch a new online initiative, Make One Simple Change, in response to the Newtown, CT school shootings.

Time Inc.'s All You, Essence, Health and Real Simple launch online forum Make One Simple Change

With a combined audience of more than 50 million, many of them moms, these leading brands are banding together to ask people to share their "one simple change" to keep America's children safe, whether they think the solution lies in parenting, media, gun laws, or healthcare system.

"It may be impossible to forget the ordinary Friday when our lives were changed by the news of the Newtown shootings; however, it's not impossible to find a way to keep such a thing from ever happening again," says Kristin van Ogtrop, Real Simple Managing Editor. "We have partnered together to implore the collective consumers of All You, Essence, Health and Real Simple to put us on the right path."

Running through April 20, 2013, the "Make One Simple Change" online forum invites people from across the country to share their solutions for keeping America's children safe. The site also features expert voices from many walks of life and all sides of the debate, explaining what they think we need to do to keep tragedies like Newtown from happening again.

Christy Turlington Burns, Marian Wright Edelman, Travyon Martin's mother Sybrina Fulton, Virginia Tech survivor Colin Goddard, the UN Foundation's Elizabeth Gore, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Megan Mullally, Amanda Peet and iVillage's Kelly Wallace, among others, have all signed on to participate.

Consumers can "like" the simple change that resonates most with them. At the end of the forum, the editors of All You, Essence, Health and Real Simple will choose six submissions they believe best represent the community. The six readers with the most inspiring ideas will be invited to a special event in New York City where they will meet the editors along with experts from the forum.

For more information, visit www.1simplechange.com

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