KAPSYS SmartConnect Smartphone for Seniors, Like my Mom

As a digital family, I cover a lot of tech products for children and their parents on this blog. However, they are not the only ones who use technology these days. More and more "seniors" are getting tech savvy including my own mother (grandma to my son). My mom has slowly but steadily staring making technology part of her life.

I remember the first time my mom sent me a text message. It took her about 20 minutes to write 3 words but it was a proud moment for her. Now my mother is a texting pro and looking to join social media sites like Facebook. She hasn't joined yet but it's just a matter of time before she's updating her status and liking photos of my son.

Now that my mother is trying to keep up with technology, she needs technology that can keep up with her. Technology like SmartConnect by KAPSYS

KAPSYS SmartConnect Smartphone for Seniors and visually impaired

KAPSYS, a specialist in mobility and wireless communication devices for seniors and visually impaired people has launched two smartphones specifically created for people with specific needs.

Based on Android, SmartConnect by KAPSYS is the first smartphone with touchscreen and keypad designed for seniors that also is adapted to low vision.

Designed to be easy to learn and to use, SmartConnect by KAPSYS delivers the power of a state-of-the-art Android smartphone through a user-interface combining a 3.5" touchscreen, a keypad and an advanced voice interface. Particularly suited to senior technology enthusiasts, SmartConnect by KAPSYS offers a rich and user-friendly smartphone experience through a set of simple, easy-to-read list menus, featuring large icons and backed-up, when needed, by a voice assistance mode with voice recognition and text-to-speech.

For its users to always feel comfortable and safe, SmartConnect by KAPSYS supports a web-based assistance mode enabling any authorized person to remotely (re)configure the smartphone and an emergency call button with address send function.

To learn more about KAPSYS products, visit - http://www.kapsys.com

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