Safety 1st Advanced Solutions Talking Ear Thermometer

During this cold and flu season, many parents are looking for products to help them care their children better. For those parents news that Dorel Juvenile Group recently launched "Safety 1st Advanced Solutions", a innovative line of infant and toddler health and grooming products, is welcome news.

Safety 1st Advanced Solutions products

Safety 1st Advanced Solutions products contains custom educational materials developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), providing today's parents with superior Safety 1st products and expert AAP advice in one convenient package.

This information developed for the Safety 1st Advanced Solutions™ products will cover topics such as temperature-taking, fever management, nasal congestion, newborn care, first aid, oral care, and nail care. All thermometers will include a storage pouch to help parents keep cards organized.

Expert advice cards from the AAP will be included in all Advanced Solutions™ products, such as:
  • Safety 1st Advanced Solutions TALKING Ear Thermometer: This thermometer gives parents quick, accurate 1-second readings and Fever Light™ Ring technology that shines red to alert when a fever is detected. The TALKING Ear Thermometer offers the option of having the measured temperature "spoken" aloud – in English or Espanol – or not audibly reported.
  • Safety 1st Easy Read 4-in-1 Thermometer: With super-sized numerals on the display screen and fast 5-second readings, this is a must-have thermometer for the nursery. Easy Read 4-in-1 Thermometer can measure oral, rectal or underarm body temperatures, and it can measure bath water temperature as well. It also offers the fastest measurements possible with predictive technology.
  • Safety 1st Advanced Solutions One-Way Nasal Aspirator: A traditional aspirator must be positioned in the nostrils multiple times to clear congestion, but the One-Way Nasal Aspirator allows parents to position the bulb in each nostril only once. The innovative two-valve design keeps everything moving in one direction only, into the aspirator through the tip. Pump the bottom of the aspirator bulb with thumb until the job is complete.
  • Safety 1st Advanced Solutions Smooth Clip Nail Clippers: Smooth Clip Nail Clippers have a unique clear guard that prevents accidental side-to-side rotation of handle, helps catch nail clippings and does not obstruct the view of baby's fingertips. Soft-touch material on the clippers helps give parents a secure grip of clippers, and an emery board storage compartment underneath the clippers keeps one emery board handy for smoothing any rough edges left behind after clipping.

The line is currently rolling out to Target and should be on store shelves soon.

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