Posing with Theodore Roosevelt - WordFUL Wednesday

Gone are the days of taking adorable photos of my son. I use to be able to get perfect shots of his cuteness and smiles. Now? I'll be lucky to get him sitting still in a photo. I can forget about the cute poses and smile. Now I get him making faces and ....well....being a 4 year old little boy.

Theodore Roosevelt Statue at American Museum of Natural History
photo credit AMNH/R. Mickens
For example. These photos were taken during our recent Family Tour of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall at American Museum of Natural History. As you can see, my son was more interested in having fun then posing for a photo. *sigh*

I have to give credit to the photographer. He did try to get us a perfect shot. He was a patient man. LOL

How do you get your children to take a good photo?

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