Doodle Pants Kids Leggings

It's the winter season and that means dressing in layers including leggings. But you child doesn't have to wear just plain black or grey. Add some fun and color with Doodle Pants line-up of kids leggings that give them the freedom of movement, warmth, and fun designs and colors.

Doodle Pants Kids Leggings

Doodle Pants ($24.99) were created to be a comfy and snug option for those who are still in their diapers as well as those who have grown out of that stage. Made from a soft stretchy material, these leggings move along with their wearer and won't lose their shape, even for the most vigorous crawler.

Emblazoned across the bottom portion of each pair of Doodle Pants is a silly doodle kids will love. From robots and hot air balloons to unicorns and kittens, each has its own unique style.

As for their other charms, they are not too thick, which means kids can wear them throughout the year. Instead of running out each season to buy a whole new wardrobe, parents can rest easy and give their pocket book a hiatus by dressing their little ones up in irresistibly cute pairs of Doodle Pants.

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