Accepting My Son's Independence Thanks to Gain Laundry Detergent #FreshStart

As my son gets older, I'm always amazed at the different ways he shows his independence. I'm also always amazed at my reluctance to let him be independent. I think this is a feeling many parents can relate to. Still, no matter how I try to hold on to my "baby", my son shows he's growing up and ready to be a big boy.

Since my son clearly isn't going to stop trying to be independent (and he shouldn't), I now look for ways to accept and encourage his independence. It's not hard really.

preschooler helping do the laundry

One of the simplest ways is to allow him to "help" during everyday tasks. Again this really isn't hard since my son LOVES being a helper. While most kids love helping with the fun stuff (of course) my son also likes helping with the not so fun stuff. Like doing laundry. Matter of fact, I'd say that my son really likes to do the laundry. No really.

baby helping helping at the laundromat

I'm not sure when he's appreciation for laundry started. but I suspect sometime when he was an infant. I use to take him with me when doing the laundry. While most children would be bored to tears, my son would enjoy the outing.

And as time went by, he starting enjoying "helping" with the laundry duties. At first it was just simple things like holding the door. Now that he's older, it's big things like getting a basket, putting in the coins and even his clothes into the washing machine. Under my helicopter mom watchful eye of course.

This last step was a BIG one for me but my son insisted (aka tantrum) that HE wanted to do it. As we stood in the laundromat having this standoff, I mentally had to sigh, let go (of the clothing) and let my son have his independent laundry moment.

After all what's wrong with him learning how to take care of things himself? Do I really want to still do his laundry when he's a grown adult male? OK I'm not going to answer that last question. But my point is it's a good thing he knows and LIKES doing his laundry. He likes to be clean. This is a good thing!

I wont lie. I had a misty eye moment watching him go through the steps on his own. Independently. Meaning without any help from me. But I also had a good feeling moment. As a parent, it's my job to prepare my son to live his life. To equip him with skills so he can survive as an adult. To help develop his self confidence to be on his own. I have to start letting him have more independence in ways when I can.

Gain Laundry detergent

It was with this thought, that I vowed to make a fresh start of accepting my son independence this New Year. I've been saying it to myself for months but really resolved to after seeing this message on the Gain Laundry detergent facebook page. Yes I hangout on the Gain facebook page. Yes, I use the Gain Laundry detergent to get our clothing and laundry clean and fresh smelling. I'm a big fan of CLEAN smelling clothing.

Anyway, I really like Gain Laundry's idea of a clean fresh start for this year. Every year so many people look for ways to start clean and fresh in their lives. I think having clean and fresh clothing can play a big part. So does Gain. Gain Laundry wants to help give people (and their clothes) that clean fresh feeling. Interested to learn how?

A little birdie told me that @Gain is hosting a twitter party this Thursday, January 10th at 8 p.m. EST to discuss how Gain has vowed to make 2013 the Freshest Year Ever. I heard there will be prizes! I'm still gathering all the information but plan on sharing all the details here so you can join in the fun!

Here's to resolving to making a fresh and clean start in our lives for 2013.

Note: I'm working with Gain to promote their #freshstart message and will receive products samples and compensation. As always any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

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