William Joyce 'The Guardians Book Series' Boxed Hardcover Set

With Rise of the Guardians doing so well as a movie and video game, I wanted to share about the a series of children’s books by New York Times best-selling author William Joyce. Joyce has achieved world-wide recognition as an author, illustrator and pioneer in the digital and animation industry. And these books are the inspiration behind the DreamWorks major 3D holiday film, Rise of the Guardians.

The Guardians Book Series by William Joyce

By William Joyce
Illustrated by: William Joyce
This edition: Boxed Set Hardcover, 752 pages
Ages: 7 - 11
Price: $35.99 Simon & Schuster

The Guardians Book Series by William Joyce: Of course you know the Guardians. You’ve known them since before you can remember and you’ll know them till your memories are like twilight: Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the others. But where did they come from? How did they become beloved and worthy of holidays? And what nefarious evildoer prompts them to band together and protect the children of the world?

Special Boxed Hardcover Set includes:
  • Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King
  • E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!
  • Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies

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