Snap Secure New "Geo-fence" App Helps Parents Track Children Mobile Device for Safety

With holidays here, many families are heading out to visit families and friends or do some holiday shopping. After families have separated, how do they keep in touch to get back together again? Nowadays saying, “we’ll meet back at this landmark,” may not be enough. Which is why, Snap Secure’s features allow parents to know where their kids are at all times.

Snap Secure New Geo-fence App

Snap Secure new Geo-fence feature enables parents to ensure children’s safety and know where they are at all times by tracking the location of their mobile device. With Geo-fencing capabilities, parents can establish virtual geographic location boundaries to define where their children should be and receive an instant email alert if the child strays from that location.

Parents can also set Geo-fence time parameters to receive an alert if their child does not arrive within a specified location within a certain time period. For example, parents could establish a Geo-fence around their neighborhood block for when a child arrives home from school. Or, in the case of a child who is dropped off at the movies or an after-school function, to alert if the child leaves the area—either of their own volition or by someone else’s

The new On Demand Family Management feature for Android provides complete family security and visibility directly from any Android mobile device. With On Demand Family Management, any family administrator can remotely locate, ping and wipe any mobile device in the family group from their own Android device, as well as view each group members’ breadcrumb history—which identifies where they’ve been throughout the day, week or month. On Demand Family Management extends the same family management features that currently exist on the Snap Secure web portal.

Geo-fence and On Demand Family Management are available now for Snap Secure subscribers on the Android platform. For more information visit

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