Pocket Desktop USB Drive Becomes Private Personal Computer

Some times it’s inconvenient sharing a computer. Do you really want every and anyone have access to documents you save and sites you visit?

Now imagine using a special USB device with the computer, that boots up to become your own personal computer with all your settings, favorites, files, ready for you to work. When your done remove the USB device and the computer returns to normal with no trace of where you’ve been online.

Pocket Desktop USB Drive Becomes Private Personal Computer

The Pocket Desktop is a brand new USB device that contains your own private operating system with over 40 applications that provides security and portability in computing. It is immune to threats such as viruses, spyware and spyware – and prying eyes!

Designed by a retired Naval Intelligence Officer, the Pocket Desktop packs all of the privacy, security and back-up power of a military-grade computer into one tiny, portable device. Pocket Desktop provides:

  • Web Privacy and File Security – users can surf the web without their history being recorded on visited sites. All files created and saved to the Pocket Desktop remain on the device with 256 bit encryption
  • Virus Protection – The Pocket Desktop OS is read-only and operates in its own closed environment, thereby preventing viruses and malware from loading. The built in Virus software can also be used to repair/clean the host computer!
  • File Backup – the Pocket Desktop can store external documents, ensuring that sensitive materials remain safe and secure
  • File Recovery – corrupted files can be repaired and retrieved off of any computer
  • Portability – all files reside on the Pocket Desktop and cannot be accessed without it

Pricing for the Pocket Desktop ranges from $19.95 to $39.95 and $49.95 depending on file storage size. To learn more, visit - http://www.pocketdesktops.com

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