Ring a Ding Ding at the New Victory Theatre Review

Recently I took my son to New Victory Theatre to see the currently playing RING A DING DING, a show for children ages 3-5.

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Please Note: I received complimentary show tickets via MamaDrama for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.


First let me start by saying that I have very few photos to share due to my son being a bit grumpy the morning of the show. He didn't want to take any photo until later during the show, so forgive me very limited photo sharing. You KNOW how I love to take photos :)

One of the things I love about the New Victory Theatre is the interactiveness. Before the show children and their families were encouraged to make, color and wear a variety of hats, ties and bows. At first I just thought this was a fun preshow activity. Then the Ring a Ding Ding cast came out and I could see how the hats, ties and bows matched with what they were wearing. That was a fun tie in.

The Ring a Ding Ding cast went around and greeted all the children and welcomed them to the show. Again I would have LOVED to get a photo but my son wasn't in agreement sooooooo

The cast then gather the children and explained who they are (in the story) where they come from (London) and what the story was about. There was even a mini Q&A with the kids about what moon mice ate. I thought that was nice and helped engage the kids.

Ring a Ding Ding at the New Victory Theatre

THEN it was time to start the show. Before entering the theater each child had to ring a bell. I was able to sneak a photo of my son during his bell ringing moment. Score!

Ring a Ding Ding at the New Victory Theatre

Once inside the real fun began. The kid were lead around a mini obstacle course before heading to their seats in a round area around the "stage". Once seated the puppets came out and the story began. While the story itself is simple, a little girl trying to find her dog, how it's told was amazingly done.

The songs sung live helped tell the story and the kids liked the musical element and live performance. Along with the songs, the kids loved the puppets and they even got to help during certain parts of the story. They all literally helped turn the stage. It was very cool.

As a parent I like being able to enjoy the story with my son. I was able to help him turn the stage and dance around on the moon. There was no passive sitting back and watching. Both my son and I enjoyed the show and being part of it together.


Alice and her dog are having a “wuff” day. When she demands that her furry friend stop chasing his tail “right now,” he runs away, sending her into a tricycle-riding tizzy. From London’s acclaimed Oily Cart, creators of innovative, multi-sensory and interactive productions for the very young, RING A DING DING is a colorful, creative and energetic work of participatory theater. With their fingers on the set and their noses in the action, audiences whirl an eye-popping table top ‘round and ‘round as Alice and her pals—Milkie, Mermaid, Captain and more—search high and low for the rascally pooch. Accompanying the action is George the Music Man, who fills the air with jingles of joy and makes RING A DING DING sing with zing!

To learn more about New Victory Theatre visit - www.newvictory.org

Thanks to MamaDrama and New Victory Theatre for tickets to the show


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