New LEGO Lunch and Mini Boxes

In the spirit of the creative and playful world of The LEGO Group, ROOM COPENHAGEN has created a line of lunch products to encourage healthy eating. Matched with smaller snack boxes for a healthy nibble, the LEGO Lunch series makes lunchtime even more fun.

EGO lunch boxes and mini boxes

The LEGO lunch boxes and mini boxes come in a range of colors that appeal to the wild imagination of children, while creating a safe and reusable storage for snacks and lunch.

When you combine the lunch box with a few of the smaller mini boxes, kids can pack various types of snacks. Simply fill the lunch box with a few of the mini boxes with nuts, dried fruit, carrot sticks, and other healthy foods. The mini boxes fit perfectly inside the lunch box, leaving room for a sandwich.

All of the items in the LEGO Lunch series are food safe and dishwasher safe.

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