Mystixx Vampires Fashion Dolls

Just in time for the Twilight movie craze, toymaker Playhut announces Mystixx Vampires Dolls, four stunning transformational fashion dolls that are popular girls at school by day and powerful vampires at night.

Mystixx Vampires Fashion Dolls

Mystixx Vampires are 11" fashion doll divas named Talin, Silva, Azra and Kalani that literally "turn" their personalities to fit their moods with a simple twist of their heads.

All four Mystixx Vampire dolls have different ‘personalities’ that focus on characteristics like confidence, compassion, competiveness and intelligence. These four girls come from different backgrounds and just recently started at a new school together, providing a perfect backdrop for girls' creative play.

Each doll has two distinct faces, two complete outfits, two interchangeable wigs, 2 pairs of shoes and accessories for an SRP for $19.99. Mystixx are sold exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us® and at, and are designed for children ages 6 and up.

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