I SPY Universe/I SPY Fun House Video Game DS Pack

The I SPY TWO GAME PACK for Nintendo DS includes two award-winning titles from the popular I SPY franchise – I SPY Fun House and I SPY Universe available at $19.99. Together, the games feature more than 50 riddles and over 200 levels of play for seek-and-find fans of all ages.

I SPY Universe and I SPY Fun House Video Game Pack Giveaway

To escape the topsy-turvy world in I SPY Fun House, players must earn tickets by completing games, riddles, and the ultimate Prize Popper challenge.

I SPY Universe takes players on a different kind of puzzle-solving adventure – a trip through the I SPY cosmos. Players unlock new planets and explore the universe while searching for over 400 objects in 36 I SPY riddles and playing six brain-teasing games.

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