App Review: Lola Panda I Spy & Math Train #vlog

Recently I discovered the Lola Panda apps and LOVE them. These apps are both fun and educational, which isn't always easy to find in a preschool app. Besides, Lola Panda herself is a loveable character who encourages your child throughout the games

I Spy with Lola Review Demo

The latest Lola Panda app is I Spy with Lola ($.99) for the iPhone and iPad. The app takes children on an adventure around the world with Lola on an I Spy themed scavenger hunt. You child can start their journey at a favorite destination, collecting souvenirs and coins from each completed task and use to unlock additional exotic locations.

I Spy with Lola App Review

The app includes fun educational challenges for children (ages 3-8) as they practice object and word association, vocabulary, and shape recognition. With over 100 hidden objects to find and three levels of difficulty, I Spy with Lola provides endless entertainment while offering parents a tool to help encourage children to learn.

Check out my video review as my son and I played the game

The other Lola Panda app we reviewed was Lola’s Math Train ($1.99), is a children's (ages 3-6) math app with over 15 different basic math games that challenges kids. From addition/subtraction equations, solving puzzles, matching and identifying sequences, Lola’s Math Train helps even the youngest players prepare for school and is a great app to keep math skills fresh over the long winter breaks.

Lola’s Math Train App

Now that my son is in preschool, learning the basics of math is important and app like Lola’s Math Train helps tremendously. I really like the simple way math problems are broken down to a level my son can work with. When he learns to solve the math problems, the app adjusts to another level to keep challenging him.

New to this app, BeiZ has added technology that allows the game to self adjust in difficulty depending on the success or needs of the child. As they do better, the questions get harder and if more practice is needed the game will remain at the level until it’s achieved. At the end of each game the results are shown in an overall rating scale to assess how the child has done which allows for parents to see the achievements of their kids within the game!

More info on the apps can be found on their site:

Please Note: I received a code to down the apps for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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