Shopilly's website launch & $200 giveaway

Shopilly recently launched a service that allows consumers to take back control of their inbox! Shopilly builds a bridge between consumers and brands. It aims to solve the issue of having retailer emails flooding your personal inbox, which simply weren’t built for shopping emails.

With Shopilly, you can organize your shopping life at one central, visually elegant interface, stay connected to their favorite brands, and cut the clutter out of their personal inbox.


Shopilly automatically transfers all your shopping emails into your Shopilly inbox, where you can check your shopping emails without having to sort through them within your personal messages. This visual inbox lets you have a quick birds eye view of everything that’s going on in your Shopping life: promotions, confirmations, e-receipts.

Shopilly also gives users an email ID to use when shopping both online and in store. This ID lets users keep all their shopping transactions and receipts in a purchases folder. No need for users to hesitate anymore when they share their emails with their favorite brands.

Here's a cool incentive to try this new service out. On Tuesday October 9, any reader who joins Shopilly will be entered to win a $200 Amazon gift card!

To learn more and sign-up for the site visit:

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